Francis Dzikowski Photography Inc.
4018 5th Ave. #14
Brooklyn, NY. 11232

Illustrate Transformation of Spaces
with Evocative Photographs

Architectural and Interiors photographer Francis Dzikowski produces evocative images that illustrate the transformation of spaces and objects. His photographs are constructed in collaboration with the architect or designer. Photography of their project can be an emotional closure to a lengthy process and often means the designer will be in touch with their work for the last time.

Some of these projects will never be accessible to the public. Therefore, the photographs come to be the ambassador of the space. Other times, the images are intended to attract visitors and promote the project or advertise a product. Each assignment is unique and Francis takes the time to listen to the client and understand what the photographs should transmit.

Francis strives to establish an environment on location that is cooperative and enjoyable! He has proven to be reliable, thoughtful and receptive. Collaboration, knowledge and attention to detail are all contributing factors toward producing successful images.