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Francis Dzikowski Photography

NY Architectural Photographers know that NY Architectural Photography is
about creating a skillful composition and the ability to do this is only
gained through experience.  Francis Dzikowski has the experience and the
trained eye to create compelling Photography of Architecture.  Both his
experience and his skill are apparent in every photograph he takes.

Overall Composition

A good NY Architectural Photographer or NY Interior Photographer does not
just take a picture of a structure or a space.  They seek to capture the
depth that such a snapshot simply cannot convey.  A photograph is not just
about the objects in a space or a building being captured in an image but of
them being arranged in such a way and photographed from a perspective that
allows for the mingling of colors, textures, and forms to create a cohesive
whole that may very well be constructed out of disparate elements.  This
melding of elements into one image that brings motion out of stillness and
life out of inanimate objects is the result of masterful use of composition.  
This is a gift that must be developed with experience.


Francis Dzikowski has had experience both in this country and abroad in
honing his Photography of Interiors and Structures. Although currently an
Architectural Photographer in NY, he spent a decade abroad focusing his
photographic efforts on historical restorations and archaeological
excavations.  He went so far as to teach photography at the American
University in Cairo.  

All this experience adds up to a penchant for excellence that he brings to
his Architectural Photography in NY and his Interior Photography in NY.  It
is this experience around the world that lends an additional depth and
sophistication to his work.  Even his NY Interior Photography benefits from
his travels as he has taken non-traditional settings and interiors and has
made them his own with his photography.  As an Interior Photographer in NY
he has ample experience photographing all types of interiors.


Of all NY Interior Photographers, Francis Dzikowski is the established
skilled photographer that you want taking care of all your NY Interiors
.  This is what you want for all your professional architectural
photography and interior photography needs.  Francis Dzikowski is a name you
can trust.

Francis Dzikowski has the experience and the mastery of overall composition
that makes photographs into art.  For architectural and interior
photography, he can deliver the images that have the sophistication and the
life that you need.  Choose Francis Dzikowski Photography for all your
architectural and interior photography needs.

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